Grandma’s Cove

B11I8462.jpgTake a walk from Americas Camp on San Juan Island and you are quickly down by the water.  One of the trails leads to a lovely little bay called Grandma’s Cove.  I don’t know who Grandma was or even whose grandma she was.  Why the cove was hers is a mystery to me too.  However, she obviously had pretty good taste because it is an idyllic spot.  Almost no one was there when I visited.  Unfortunately, a couple of guys were down on the beach and were interested in making art in the sand.  This disrupted my vision of the shots a touch but, when you are somewhere so lovely, it is hard to be upset about anything for long.

B11I8481.jpg B11I8454.jpg

One thought on “Grandma’s Cove

  1. Dan Zaehring

    I just read your post regarding Grandma’s cove on San Juan Island. During the “Pig War” (for which there is a National Historic Park and American Camp) Robert and Jesse Firth ran the Hudson Bay Company farm at Belevue Farm just down the hill from the soldiers quarters, near the spring above what was later named Grandma’s (or Granny’s) Cove. They raised eight children there and homesteaded much of what is now American Camp. One of their daughters was married at the farm and began their honeymoon in a canoe from the cove. Although most of their children moved off the island as adults, numerous next generation members came back to the island–often for the summer– to visit Grandma and Grandpa Firth. They had vivid memories of “grandma’s cove” although some called her “granny”. As that generation came back to the island in their adulthood, they brought the names with them. Eventually the name stuck.


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