Erickson Flashback

wpid9180-C59F2199.jpgI was recently looking back through a few of the previous posts and came across some images of Erickson Aircrane at work in Chicago with their S64 Skycranes.  I was thinking about the various times I had worked with these guys and it occurred to me that several of those lifts had taken place before I started the blog.  Therefore, today is a gratuitous chance to look at some older helicopter shots.

wpid9182-C59F2205.jpgThe guys at Erickson have carried out many lifts in the Chicago area.  On one occasion, they did two lifts in one day on opposite sides of the city.  The first was down near Hyde Park with some equipment being lifted onto a residential block.  The loads were lifted in a park area in front of the building.  Lots of trees were in this park and the Skycrane did an excellent job of finding the weakest and dead limbs.  By the end of the job, the ground was covered in dead wood!

wpid9192-IMG_3012.jpgThe second lift was in Oak Park and was from a garage structure up to the roof of the building.  however, next to the garage was an older building with a wooden roof and balconies which had lots of stuff stored on them.  After the morning, we were rather worried about how much stuff would be damaged.  Amazingly, the gentle breeze from the street made the downdraft totally benign and the building was unharmed.  Hope you like the shots.

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