Dying the River Green

A couple of weeks ago, Chicago had its annual celebration of St Patrick’s Day.  The city goes quite nuts for this and it certainly isn’t a good day for dropping into your local bar for a pint unless you want to be with several thousand of your closest friends!

Anyway, part of the celebration involves dying the river green. If you are celebrating a Welshman who went to Ireland with a vendetta against snakes, this makes perfect sense.  It is good fun though.  This year, I was not feeling particularly well having gone down with a bit of a cold.  March is not the warmest month in Chicago and the temperatures were being matched by quite a strong breeze.

Consequently, I took the chicken’s way out and watched the whole thing from my window.  The two shots here are actually from a few year’s back but I thought it would be fair to show you what is going on.  Instead, I tried shooting some video with the point and shoot from our vantage point.  Below is the result and you can get an idea of what is going on.


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