Daring Class Destroyer

The Royal Navy destroyer fleet’s most recent additions have been the Type 45 Daring Class.  These ships are an integral part of the groups that will support the new carriers.  The Type 45s preceded the carriers in to service by a number of years.  They have a superstructure that suggests more focus on radar reflectivity and the main mast is a larger structure than seen on previous ships.  This example was sailing out of Portsmouth and towards the English Channel while I was at Seaview on the Isle of Wight.  It was a bit distant but still worth a shot given how I haven’t seen one on open water before.

One thought on “Daring Class Destroyer

  1. Kevin Fry

    Hi Rob,
    I am back working at BAE now (Plessey). The Sampson radar is ours. One hell of a piece of kit.
    Martin Widgery (Widge) was involved in it and he was in the Design Authority role on it too.


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