Coho at Work

There is a direct ferry from Port Angeles to downtown Victoria operated by Black Ball Line.  Their boat is an old ship called the Coho.  We have taken this route on a previous visit but didn’t use it this time.  However, the regular arrival and departure of the Coho meant we saw it frequently during our stay.  The ship has loading apertures on each side of the hull through which the cars can be loaded.  Otherwise it looks like a pretty normal ship.

It wasn’t hard to know when they were leaving as there would be a blast on the ship’s horn.  This was followed by swinging the boat around in the main harbor in order to be able to head out through the narrow passage to the open sea.  The Coho first entered service in 1959 so is clearly not a new vessel.  I have no idea whether there is any plan to replace her or whether, with regular refits, she will continue in service for years to come.

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