Coast Guard Bell 47

wpid10248-C59F7615.jpgI always seem to find something aviation related when I am out and about. San Ramon is the next town up from us and it was having its Art and Wind event. This combined a bunch of art stalls with some excellent kite flying displays and was an amusing play on the more common Art and Wine festivals that many towns around here have. As we wandered around, we came across a Bell 47 helicopter. They are not terribly rare but this one was a bit more interesting as it was in service with the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

wpid10252-C59F7645.jpgI had no idea that Bell 47s were still in government service. The crew were standing by and talking to a selection of kids that came to have a look. Our timing couldn’t have been better because just after we arrived, they starting moving people away so that they could take off. It would have been rude to leave at this point so we sat down close by and watched them start up and depart the field after a brief moment turned towards us to say goodbye. Nice!


2 thoughts on “Coast Guard Bell 47

  1. Bob Bell Helo

    Coast Guard Auxiliary is made up of civilian volunteers. It is not unusual for members who own aircraft to use their private aircraft in Coast Guard Auxiliary service. I believe the Coast Guard reimburses for fuel, and perhaps some operating expenses, but the aircraft (like the Bell 47 shown here) are privately owned.

    1. Rob Post author

      Thanks for letting me know about that. I had no idea it operated that way. Thank you for visiting and for adding something to the story. Rob.


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