Brides on the Bridge!

wpid7386-AU0E5820.jpgPhotography can be a frustrating thing.  So often when you don’t have a camera to hand, you see something that would have made an interesting picture.  Then again, I have had many experiences when I was shooting something else that something came along which caught my eye and I could grab some shots.  Perhaps the lesson here is that there is almost always something interesting going on as long as you are looking!

wpid7388-AU0E5828.jpgI was actually shooting out of our window recently.  There was some helicopter activity over the area and this was my main target when I looked down at Michigan Avenue, a couple of blocks from us.  There were a bunch of women in bridal gowns walking along the street.  Looking more closely at the images, the women have red paint on their faces.  I have no idea what this meant since I didn’t get one of the flyers they were handing out.  They continued down to the bridge and across the river after which I lost track of them.  The people around certainly seemed surprised to have a pack of brides (what is the right collective noun for brides – a nightmare?) bearing down on them.  That is one of the cool things about this city.  Something always is happening!

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