Around Chicago

Continuing the theme of my Mum’s visit, the two of us took a stroll through the city the other day.  It is always fun to exploit the visit of someone to do some touristy wandering that you would otherwise never do.  It also makes you explore some things that you haven’t seen before.

We included the Cultural Center on our route but I was surprised yet again by this place.  Having only recently discovered it courtesy of friends visiting in the past (see this posting), during this visit I found another room that I hadn’t been to before.  It was an empty room but quite ornate.  It was very dark so getting a good shot was tricky.  I tried a bit of HDR which was okay but I will have to go back again at some point to try again I think.

Another stop was at the Palmer House Hotel.  Now a Hilton, my Dad stayed there recently when he was visiting and told me about the grandiose lobby it has.  I had never been in before – why visit hotels when you live in the city – and it was impressive so we stopped in to take a look.  How many other things from the city have I missed?

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