Took a trip around the bottom of Lake Michigan to visit Saugatuk.  We have been there a couple of times before but this was a visit to take my Mum there.  We went during the week which certainly made for a quieter day than the weekends when things can get quite busy there.

Saugatuck is a nice little town.  Nothing terribly dramatic about it but it has a nice harbor, plenty of little shops that have some unusual bits and pieces, a few good places to get lunch and as much fudge and/or ice cream as you could conceivably want!

The harbor separates the majority of the town from a section on a thin spit of land that edges on to Lake Michigan.  The beaches are on the other side of this spit and there is a small chain ferry that takes you across if you want to go to that side.  It is a passenger only ferry and is hand cranked across.  A quaint little addition to the town.

If you are in to motor yachts, there are also some nice examples to spot around the harbor.  Obviously a fair few dollars tied up in some of them and it can be nice to sit by the water eating lunch and planning your life if you were one of the people who owned one of the boats!

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