wpid6221-AU0E1522.jpgNot a company that I was previously familiar with, Ameriflight seems to have a significant operation at Boeing Field.  I assume they are a feeder to some of the larger parcels businesses that operate out of there bringing in and distributing out the packages to smaller locations that don’t have the need for something the size of a 757.  They operate a mix of turboprop types.

wpid6213-AU0E1421.jpgBeech see to be a popular choice.  They had Beech 99s, King Air 200s and Beech 1900 airliners operating at various points, all seeming to have been converted for cargo business.  In addition, they had some Metroliners – a type that you don’t get to see so often these days.

wpid6216-AU0E1446.jpgFlightware suggested they also had Brasilias but I didn’t get to see one while I was there so whether that is true or one of Flightaware’s not infrequent errors, I don’t know.  Sadly, as color schemes go, they are not terribly distinctive but it was still nice to see a selection of different types in a very short space of time.  I imagine they have a window of deliveries and pick ups so timing was everything.



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