Unplanned Sunrise

wpid5238-AU0E1908.jpgThrough an unfortunate set of circumstances, I happened to find myself parked up at an interchange along I-80 early one morning.  I had the misfortune to be just behind an accident on the interstate and ran over the bumper of the car that had just crashed in the dark ahead.  This did not please two of the wheels on the car and I had limped off an exit road to sit and wait for the tow truck to come and rescue me.

wpid5240-AU0E1920.jpgAs I sat there, in my wing mirror I saw a hint of morning light in the sky followed by the appearance of the sun through the trees.  I had my camera gear in the trunk so went to grab it.  As is the way of these things, the sun moves quite fast and by the time I had got my stuff out, the image had change a bit.  However, it still looked basically as I envisaged it so I got a few shots before it had risen too far.  Then i hopped back in the car (it was a bit chilly) and resumed my wait for the tow…

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