The Boats Return

The return of fall also means the return of some boats.  The boats that live out in the lakeside marinas during the summer start their migration back to the boat yards for the winter.  For those with masts that don’t fit under the bridge, there are but two options.  Wednesday or Saturday.  Okay, it is one option but it happens twice a week.  These are the days that the bridges along the Chicago River are opened to allow the boats to make their way back inland.

I wanted to grab some shots of the returning boats on one of the Saturday runs.  The weather was looking promising so I decided to head out.  It is not the best time to shoot since the light is a bit in front of you and behind the boats but it is worth a look.  What is trickier is that the buildings are casting some strong shadows which make for a very contrasty scene.  However, that’s what RAW is for!

As it turned out, the run was not trouble free.  I will save that for an upcoming post and just share a view of the bridges doing what they were designed to do.

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