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We Weren’t Alone Watching the Sun Vanish

Everything I have posted about the eclipse so far is about us and what we saw.  However, we weren’t alone.  There were lots of people watching in the same place as us.  During the initial stages of the eclipse, I wandered around the site to get a few pictures of people enjoying the experience.  I didn’t have another camera other than my phone so that had to make do but these are some of the shots of everyone enjoying a rare experience that I got.

How to View a Potential Property

C59F1307.jpgWhile Pete and I were flying over Cowes, we were keeping an eye on a helicopter that was orbiting not too far from our location. A short while later, we couldn’t see it anymore and were trying to find it. As it turned out, the helicopter had landed next to a property near Osborne House. Pete understood that the property was currently on the market. Therefore, we concluded that the people were visiting the house to check it out. I must confess, I have not previously inspected any properties by helicopter but, thinking about it, this seems to be the perfect way to make an entrance!