How to View a Potential Property

C59F1307.jpgWhile Pete and I were flying over Cowes, we were keeping an eye on a helicopter that was orbiting not too far from our location. A short while later, we couldn’t see it anymore and were trying to find it. As it turned out, the helicopter had landed next to a property near Osborne House. Pete understood that the property was currently on the market. Therefore, we concluded that the people were visiting the house to check it out. I must confess, I have not previously inspected any properties by helicopter but, thinking about it, this seems to be the perfect way to make an entrance!

1 thought on “How to View a Potential Property

  1. Auntie Gillian

    Norris Castle has now been sold, Rob. It will be interesting to see for how much and who to! Not many locals can afford it! X


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