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Starbucks Number One

When you don’t drink coffee, as I don’t, Starbucks is not something you pay much attention to.  However, when you have the tourist route to do in Seattle, the first Starbucks shop down at Pike Place is part of the … Continue reading

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737 First Flight

I was walking along the trail that goes through the park next to the airport at Renton taking a look at the stored jets.  There is a bridge across the river that is used by Boeing to move jets from … Continue reading

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Kitty Hawk

There is not a shortage of aviation themed stuff on this blog. I realized that one thing I had never covered was the First Flight. Obviously I didn’t cover it live given my obvious youth! However, on a vacation to … Continue reading

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Lightroom 4 Impressions

It is a little while now since I upgraded to Lightroom 4 from the previous version (I will let you fill in the name here!). There were a few aspects of the new version that made me want to upgrade … Continue reading

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