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High Tech Rowing Boats

The technology of rowing boats has always been prized.  In George Pocock’s day, the crafting of high performance shells made his work in demand from university crews across the US.  George may be long gone but the company that bears his name continues.  They no longer are along the Cut but now operate out of Everett in a building with a slightly less scenic location.

Wood has been replaced with composites and these shells are light, stiff and very impressive.  A few of the shells were laid up in the parking lot waiting to be loaded on trailers while others were already strapped in.  The crews’ shoes are attached in place along with seats.  They don’t look like the most comfortable of vessels but they do look like they are well designed to go fast and to transfer the power of the rowers directly to the water.

Rebuilding With a Shell

We spent a long weekend in Victoria BC recently. A block from our hotel was an old building undergoing a complete rebuild. This is something that I have seen done a lot in London and I like the idea. Rather than flatten the building, the exterior structure is retained. The interior is completely removed and a new building is created within. This allows the city to maintain the look and feel of the old buildings with the authentic finishes while providing a modern building interior that will continue to be useful for current needs. The structure to hold up the exterior while work is underway is impressive on its own. I look forward to seeing what the finished building is like on some future visit.