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How to Use Speakerphone

Since my last post was a bit of a rant, I am on a roll so add another one today.  Hopefully, having cleared my system a bit, I will return to the photography topics soon.  Normal scheduled programming will resume!

I was waiting to board a flight the other day and the person next to me was on the phone.  No great surprise there since the airport is full of people on the phone including me quite frequently.  This person was doing something that I have noticed a few times of late.  They were using the phone in speakerphone mode but holding it up to their head.  They would speak directly into the phone and hold it back at an angle so that they could hear the message.  Of course, that meant that the rest of us could hear it too.

Why would they not just hold the phone to their head and have a normal phone conversation in this situation?  I readily accept that I may not have understood a set of circumstances that might make this the better way to use a phone but each time I have seen it I have been puzzled.  It certainly is a nuisance to everyone else who has to hear the conversation whether they want to or not.  Again, if you can explain this to me, please do leave a comment.

What’s the best camera?

I suspect you have heard the phrase, the best camera is the one you have with you.  Well, I am a bit of an idiot as I went out to a location the other evening for another reason but didn’t stick a camera in the car.  We headed to Moreton Arboretum out in Lisle.  We are members and go there pretty regularly to wander around.

This time they were running a cheese and wine type of event.  Tables were set up outside, there was a bar and a tapas menu.  A very pleasant way to spend an even out in the warm as the sun gradually headed down.  The photographers amongst you are thinking golden hour.  Why didn’t I think of that.

There is a lake near the visitors center which I will have shot a number of times from different directions, usually in the harshest light of the day.  This time I was there when the light was great and as soon as we took a stroll around the lake, I was kicking myself for not having brought my camera with me.

Plan B was my phone.  The camera is okay but not special.  However, it was the best camera I had with me so it would have to do.  It doesn’t handle too much contrast well so a little angling to try and get what I wanted was in order.  Not stunning results but it’s what I got so here you go.

This last shot was something we saw when wandering around.  I might explain more another time…