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Waiting Around Gets You a Herc!

I was at BFI one day looking to get some other interesting visitors and I had got what I came for.  I was just contemplating whether to go home or do something else before returning when I saw something on the approach at the other end of the field.  It looked big, smoky and a prop so I thought I should wait a little longer.  A look through the long lens told me it was a C-130!  It was a Linden Air Cargo airframe, sadly unpainted in their colors which are very nice. I was most glad that I hadn’t been in a hurry to get on my way!


wpid9121-C59F7424.jpgMy Boeing Field visit also included a very nice surprise.  The evening was drawing in quite quickly but a view off to the south showed a lot of smoke coming from something on the approach.  At first I had no idea what it was but soon the familiar shape of a Hercules came into view.  This was a civilian model, the L-100.  It was operated by Lynden Air Cargo delivering something large!

wpid9123-C59F7472.jpgThey were heading for a ramp close to the threshold so the crew were not shy about thumping the aircraft down right on the numbers.  A decent cloud of tire smoke let you know they were down and then they put the props into reverse and were soon off the runway and taxiing back to the stand.  An interesting aircraft and a lucky break.