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Gorillas Have a Taste for Flowers

I knew that gorillas were vegetarians, happy to chomp on branches and leaves for hours at a time.  What I didn’t know is that they have what I guess might be considered a sweet tooth.  They were scattered throughout their … Continue reading

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Botanic Garden

The Botanic Garden in Balboa Park is apparently one of the most popular visitor locations in the city. It isn’t hard to see why since it is densely packed with all manner of vegetation, much of which is beautiful to … Continue reading

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Flowers and Bees

Taking a hike through the hills, sometimes the opportunity to stop and look at stuff is rather welcome.  I was looking at a flower when I saw a bee busily doing what bees do.  I figured a quick shot was … Continue reading

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Early in the morning of my half day in Tokyo, we had a stroll across towards the Imperial Palace. I guess we had missed the peak of the blossoms in the city but there were still quite a few of … Continue reading

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