Skywest’s Own CRJs

Skywest provides feeder services for a number of airlines around the country.  They do also operate under their own name for some routes though so you do occasionally come across their aircraft in their own colors rather than those of their customer airline.  I have shot a number of the aircraft over the years and here are some of them.  The interesting thing is that they rarely seem to be in the same colors.  I don’t know whether this is because they have changed their colors a number of times or because they are leftovers from schemes they wore in other uses or from previous operators.  Whatever the reason, there has been some variety.

I’m not sure what the long term prognosis is for the CRJs with Skywest.  These jets are rapidly disappearing from service with various operators as larger jets with more seats are more affordable to operate.  Skywest may have plans for them or may operate them on services that can justify the cost or maybe they will all disappear quickly and we will barely notice that they have gone.

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