The Raccoon Family Outing

As a Brit living in the USA, there are certain animals that, when you see them, seem most unusual because you don’t have them on the other side of the pond.  Some of these are large creatures which people who grew up here are still fascinated by like bison.  Others, though, are not so interesting to the natives.  Raccoons seem to fit that bill.  They are more of a pest to most people.  To me, they are more exotic.  As we were walking through Golden Gate Park, we came upon a family of raccoons alongside the trail.  They seemed totally uninterested in the people walking by and more bothered about feeding.  However, the click of the shutter was obviously enough to get their attention as they all perked up and stopped what they were doing when I took some shots.  This didn’t last long, though, and they were quickly back to eating.

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