Seasprites Don’t Show Up Too Often

The first time I ever heard of the Kaman Seasprite was in the 1980s when Airfix released a new kit of the SH-2F variant.  I thought it was a cool looking model but I wasn’t very aware of what it was used for.  It was already getting towards the end of its time in service with the US Navy with the SH-60B Seahawk becoming the platform for shipboard helicopters.  A few export programs went forward but these were not particularly successful.

I am not sure whether I have ever seen a Seasprite for real prior to visiting Evergreen at McMinnville.  They have a corner that is stacked with helicopters.  A Seasprite is one of the collection and I was pleasantly surprised to see it.  Given the number of airframes they have in this corner, everything is jammed together.  This made it hard to get a nice angle on the Seasprite but I was able to get a few shots anyway.

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