Ruslan Before Sunset

My wife is a trooper.  We were coming back from a day out in the mountains and I saw an Antonov AN124 was coming in to Everett.  It was due to land shortly before sunset and sounded like something I wouldn’t want to miss.  We weren’t going to be able to get home in time to drop of Nancy so I could get back up to see it arrive.  She agreed to make a diversion to see the plane come in.  Not her thing but she was okay with being there.

The timing could not have been much better.  The light was nice, low and soft so the plane looked great as it trundled down the approach.  When it taxied back up to the north entrance to the Boeing ramp, the texture of the skin, which is normally lost in higher light, was a lot easier to see.  In fact, the finish looked pretty rough.  I guess the Volga Dnepr planes get a lot of use!

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