Roll Out the Barrel

wpid10963-AU0E0484.jpgNancy and I were up in Healdsburg as part of a weekend away. She wanted to check out a winery called Ferrari-Carano while we were up there so we headed off to find it. It turned out to be a very attractive location. The buildings were beautifully designed and the grounds had been expertly landscaped. Even if you didn’t want any wine, it was a nice place to walk around for a while.

wpid10955-AU0E0479.jpgWe were interested in the wine too so went in to buy some of their stock. I took a wander down to the basement where you could see a healthy selection of barrels of wine being stored. Sadly, this area was off limits so I had to be content with looking through the glass at the stockpiles. There was enough wine down there to keep me happy for a while. It would be fun to have a closer look around. Maybe they have tours that we can go back for. If not, at least we can buy more of their excellent wines!

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