Narita Lounge Provides Some New Airlines

It was time to head home, so I checked in for my flight and headed to Delta’s lounge to await boarding.  What I did not realize is that the lounge overlooks the flightline and mirrors the view from the viewing terrace.  It was a crummy day with a typhoon approaching so not ideal for shooting and certainly not ideal for shooting through glass but, despite the occasional reflection, it was actually surprisingly good.  The battery on the camera was on its last legs but why not get whatever you can.

The fun of a different city in a different country is the new airlines.  Airlines I have heard of but not seen and airlines I have never heard of at all.  They kindly would rotate quite close to where we were which was appreciated.  The rainy conditions also meant that, while the lighting was pretty flat, there were vortices, spluff over the wings and inlet fogging to add some interest.

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