HeliJet S-76s in Two Locations

The Sikorsky S-76 is not a new design any more although it does continue to be upgraded.  When I first saw the type in the 80s, I was taken with the elegance of the airframe and also the size of it.  It can carry a substantial number of people.  This is the reason the HeliJet chose it to operate their service from the waterfront in Vancouver to Victoria I imagine.  I have seen them in service a number of times but I have never gone down to their heliport by the water to try and shoot them.

While I was at Brockton Point, a couple of their departures and arrivals came by.  These were a bit far away but still worthy of a shot.  This wasn’t my only chance though.  When we were at Vancouver International, one of the S-76s arrived at the HeliJet facility there.  It flew low and slow past where I was standing so I was able to grab a few extra shots of these sleek type.  I would love to take a ride in one sometime to see whether it is as smooth as it looks.

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