Deer Have No Fear!

When you are in a place like Yosemite, your are very aware that you are in an environment where nature has the upper hand.  However, you do think the wildlife will still be wary of man.  That is not true at all though.  A few times while I was walking, I came across herds of deer.  I always think of deer as skittish creatures – hardly surprising since around here they are considered a target by many – but these guys seemed not only used to humans but bored with us.  As long as we didn’t do anything too quickly, they continued on unfazed.

This even extended to Yosemite Valley itself.  I was taking some shots of the valley when a small group crossed the street and walked right past me to get to their next snack.  I watched them for a while and then headed back to the car.  There I saw a buck in the tall shrubs with a buddy not far behind.  When he wanted to come in my direction, he did exactly that.

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