Seven Sacred Pools

If you continue past Hana south you will come to a national park area.  Here there are some trails that can take you into the wilds but the main attraction for most people – let’s face it, not too many people want to walk very far from a parking lot – was the Seven Sacred Pools.  This was were one of the rivers ran down to the sea via a series of waterfalls and pools at the head of each.

The waves were crashing up on the shore at the bottom of the pools and the water was flowing well so the falls were all looking pretty impressive.  Apparently, there can be quite a deluge through here at times but we were certainly not lacking for water.  I suspect many people get as far as Hana and then turn around and head back the way they came.  This area was very attractive and certainly worth coming further around.  You could still go back but carrying on was another option…

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