Bodega Bay

wpid8671-C59F1792.jpgOur run down the coast brought us to Bodega Bay.  Neither of us had been there before but we had heard it was pretty and also knew about its appearances in The Birds!  No attacking avians on this day but we initially passed straight through the town without being terribly impressed.  However, we had seen a turning off towards Bodega Bay head so a backtrack took us along a different road around the bay.  We were also hungry at this point!

wpid8665-C59F1747.jpgFortunately, we soon came to an area where the fishing boats tied up and there were two places selling crab sandwiches.  One was a small hut which only had a couple of items on the menu and the other was a bigger looking place with a wider menu but a lot less people.  We figured the simple option of doing one thing and doing it well might be the case in the hut and went for their crab sandwiches.  They were excellent.  No wonder the place had a line outside it.

wpid8669-C59F1791.jpgSuitably reinvigorated, we headed up to the headland.  Here you had a view back to the bay but a more interesting view of the cliffs and the shoreline.  A stroll up the cliff path was in order (that crab sandwich needed to be burned off) and the appeal of more crashing waves on rocks was too much for us to resist.  The sun was shining and the wind was not too strong so it was a really nice place to be and, while we weren’t alone in thinking this, with so much space, it never felt like you were in a busy place.  What a great end to the trip.


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