Pacific Coast Highway

wpid8658-C59F1675.jpgReturning from Mendocino County provided the option of driving along the coast heading south.  The Pacific Coast Highway is a great choice if you have time on your hands and we did have.  Therefore, we headed this way.  The run down the coast is a combination of great views, long runs along the cliffs and the occasional area of twisting road around the inlets that occasionally cut into the shoreline.  When the road is quiet it is a lot of fun.  If you get stuck behind a bunch of RVs, it suddenly is a little less enjoyable.

wpid8660-C59F1685.jpgWe stopped a number of times en route to enjoy the view.  One diversion out towards a lighthouse provided a lovely overlook of the shore including a bay below us that was full of sea lions.  Despite the crashing waves, this area apparently provided a bit of shelter and the sea lions were seemingly taking it easy behind the protection of some rocky ledges.

wpid8656-IMG_1761.jpgThere are lots of areas with large rocks slightly offshore.  This reminded me a lot of the coast of Oregon (which, since we weren’t that far south, is probably not that surprising).  Heading south we were looking into the sun so had some lovely reflections of the light off the water.  Occasionally the edge of the road was very close to the top of the cliffs so you do have to stay focused as you drive along but it is a beautiful area on a sunny day.  I imagine if a storm is rolling in from the ocean, it is also dramatic but a little less welcoming.


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