Bayou Militia Eagles

B11I3421.jpgThe F-15 has been in service for a long time now.  It operates with regular Air Force units, reserve units and Air National Guard units.  The Bayou Militia is a unit based at New Orleans in Louisiana.  Their tail code is JZ which, if you think about where they are based, makes a lot of sense.  I had seen pictures of jets from this unit a lot over the years but I hadn’t seen them for myself.  Having them at Red Flag made me a lot happier than makes sense for a unit.

B11I4590.jpgThey put a lot of jets up while I was there including flying at odd times of day.  They were happy to fly tight approaches when nothing else was in the pattern so I got a lot of chances to see the, in action.  I still love the F-15C so it didn’t take much persuasion to get me to watch these guys in action.


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