Windows 10 Upgrade Experience

The upgrade to Windows 10 was one I have been thinking about for a while. I wasn’t interested in upgrading straightaway since I figured there would be a bit of debugging of the OS by the early adopters. I also didn’t want to compromise any of the important stuff I have. Therefore, I decided to use my laptop as the prototype for the upgrade to see how it went before upgrading anything else.

The upgrade went surprisingly easily. It downloaded all of the new files when it started which took a fair bit of time but then it went off through the upgrade process with little involvement from me. When everything was done, I went through the options rather than accept the recommended selections an unchecked a bunch of the items that appear to share more information than may be preferable. I shall wait to see whether any of those selections limit any functionality.

The only issue I have had so far related to the trackpad on my laptop. Previously, the trackpad allowed scrolling by running my finger along the right side of the pad. This function has gone away and now I use two fingers to swipe up and down. This is taking me a while to get the hang of since other machines still operate the old way but I think this will be okay in due course. The other issue with the trackpad is that, periodically, it appears to freeze for a moment and the cursor doesn’t move. It then clears itself with no further issue so I suspect it is a minor driver issue that will, hopefully, be updated in due course.

I was also able to copy the old version of the Windows games from Windows 7 to the Windows 10 system. They have updated versions in Windows 10 but, if you like the previous versions, you can keep them. Otherwise, the changes seem pretty reasonable and I haven’t had any issues so I think I will be upgrading the rest of our machines. We shall see whether they also go smoothly. Getting Nancy’s laptop off Windows 8 will probably be a popular move!

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