Up Close and Personal with an Enstrom

wpid7632-C59F4039.jpgI was visiting a helicopter operator as part of an article that I am working on at the moment.  Unconnected with the subject I was covering are some other operations that they undertake including some flying training activities.  One of the customers was converting onto the Enstrom while I was there so I took the time to get some shots.

wpid7634-C59F4070.jpgThe Enstrom is a cute looking machine to my eye.  The shape of the fuselage is emphasized by getting as close as you can to it.  The best place to be was low and just off the pad.  I was in a safe spot where I was and I knew the capabilities of those in control so was happy to get the shot.  The hardest thing about shooting here is that the downwash is strong so holding steady is tricky.

wpid7636-AU0E0517.jpgWhen the sortie was over, they came back and taxied low across the site so I managed to grab a few more shots.  What better way to spend time on a lovely sunny day?


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