Unusual Thunderbirds

I have been running through a bunch of older pictures while trying to clear out a bit of space on the hard drives. I came across some shots of the USAF Thunderbirds from a few years ago when they were performing here in Chicago for the Air and Water Show.  Friday before the show is a day when they carry out a nearly full practice for the show.  This is a day that I am often going to be down there as there are less people and, for some reason, the weather often seems better.

What I had completely forgotten was that, during the Friday practice that year, the Thunderbirds were undertaking some photography work of their own.  Aside from the six display aircraft, a seventh F-16 was taking part.  it was flying along and around the formations photographing them at various points in the display.  I have a bunch of shots of the formations being shadowed by this aircraft.

There is nothing much else to say about this but I found it interesting so thought I would put up a small gallery of some of these formations.  Enjoy hopefully…

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