Twin Peaks

wpid8859-AU0E1074-Edit.jpgMy niece spent some time with a friend of hers in San Francisco while she was staying with us.  They went to Twin Peaks and Sara told me how cool the view was and that I should definitely go.  I am an obedient guy so Nancy and I took a trip up there.  Sara wasn’t wrong.  Being at one of the highest points in the city does provide a great view and having a clear day made things even better. We weren’t alone enjoying this either.  Indeed, it was quite fun seeing some of the footwear on women climbing up to the top of the hills!

wpid8855-AU0E1063.jpgYou have a view around to the Golden Gate in one direction all the way to Candlestick Park and beyond in the other. The downtown is ahead of you and the line that Market Street cuts through the city is readily apparent.  The whole outlook is made for panoramas and I have had to cut them down to make them fit on screen.  Early morning and sunset seem like times when a return visit will be in order so don’t be surprised when this location shows up again in future posts.

wpid8857-AU0E1067.jpg wpid8861-AU0E1094.jpg

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