Tsawwassen Ferry Terminal

When taking our trip to Victoria, we took the ferry from Tsawwassen just south of Vancouver.  The ferry terminal is built on a man-made spot of land that juts out into the water, presumably to reach the deeper water offshore.  All of the car waiting areas and the terminal buildings are at the end of this spit.  It is pretty exposed a place to be on a cold and blowy day!  I guess it is a good spot for fishing because we saw a bald eagle sitting on one of the light posts as we drove in.

Once we were aboard the ferry, I stepped out on deck to see the ferry terminal as we pulled away.  Ferries got from here to a number of destinations and I imagine on a busy summer’s day, this place could be pretty packed.  A chilly November Thursday is unlikely to be peak time, although there were plenty of people on our ferry.  We quickly left the terminal behind us and headed across the water.

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