Trade Stands

A big part of the Airventure experience is the trade stands that are available.  There are a lot of plane owners visiting the event and these are people that are known for constantly tinkering with what they have.  They are also willing victims for the next thing in their aviation collection.

Consequently, every level of need is catered for.  There are stands selling everything you could possibly want from someone who will embroider your plane’s registration on to a baseball cap or shirt through to someone selling you a business jet.  Having a walk through the manufacturers’ stands is a good way to spend some time.  A really good time to do this is during the flying display.  This is a time when many people are off watching the flying and you can get a bit more space.

Cockpits are often powered up in the aircraft.  Having a look at the interiors is a also a good idea.  Some of the newer designs are vying for the attention of the visitors so might have stands that are more fancy.  The less well established manufacturers are also more likely to make an effort to show you their wares.  It is interesting to hear from them what their expectations are for the week.  Some will sell many aircraft.  Others won’t sell anything but may make that first contact with someone who will ultimately prove to be a customer.  One thing is for sure, it is a greater concentration of aircraft owners than you will find pretty much anywhere else!

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