The Twelve Days of Christmas

I posted previously about the Christmas lights at Butchart Gardens but I separately kept the theme of the Twelve Days of Christmas for its own post.  There is a route that you follow through the gardens to see the illuminations and along that route are a series of scenes for the twelve days.  The first one you come to is clearly the partridge in a pear tree and you go from there.

I share each of the shots in turn to illustrate what they have.  Some are pretty straightforward.  Six geese a’laying is not obscure.  The Four Calling Birds had a few people puzzle until they realized that they had cellphones.  I found the French Hens pretty amusing.  The leaping lords were frogs behind a wall and they came up in a varying pattern.  Getting a shot with most of them in required some patience.  The pipers were just a bit creepy for me.

When you finish walking around the gardens, you think something is wrong.  You are back at the start and you haven’t seen twelve drummers drumming.  The reason for that is that they are on the arches over the road that exits the gardens from the parking lot.  If you aren’t paying attention, you could easily miss them.  We had seen this previously but I had forgotten and it was a little while before I remembered and looked off from the area near the gift shop and saw them.  The arms of the drummers do move but the photos won’t tell that tale.

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