The One That Got Away

No photo to show here.  This is about one that didn’t happen.  I was driving back towards the city just after sunset.  The Kennedy Expressway runs east towards the city away from O’Hare for a while and the line of the freeway is the same as the approach path for one of O’Hare’s runways.  As I drove down it, there was a line of aircraft on approach, each showing up with their landing lights on and with the closest aircraft showing clearly against the remnants of the light in the sky.

Add to this the enormous full moon that was almost perfectly in line with the planes and you had the sort of shot that you see online every once in a while and think how cool it looks and maybe it was faked.  This wasn’t faked.  however, my cameras were in the trunk and I was driving on the expressway so there was no way to get the shot.  You will have to take my word for it.  It was that good!

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