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Port Gamble Cemetery

The highest point in Port Gamble is occupied by the town cemetery.  I was perplexed as to why the place with the nicest views was given over to a graveyard.  Apparently, this is deliberate.  Not sure whether the best views as appreciated once underground but it is a nice spot to spend eternity.  We wandered around looking at some of the graves with headstones covering a variety of styles and some being easily legible while others were heavily weathered.  The texture on some of the stones appealed to me quite a bit and I spent some time looking at how to reflect that in an image.

Port Gamble

Our trip to Port Gamble was a bit of an impromptu event.  We had been to Poulsbo but, having failed to appreciate that it was the day before St Patrick’s Day and the town was full of people dressed in green and drinking heavily, we figured a change in strategy was necessary.  Port Gamble is a short drive away, so we headed there instead.  We had only driven by, previously, so didn’t know exactly what to expect.

It is a cute little place.  Developed around a mill, it is not a big place.  However, they have done a nice job of preserving many of the buildings.  Some are still residences, but many are now shops or tourist features.  As we drove in, two large water towers on our right announced where we had come to.  Their green paint was in great shape (although a polarizer was a useful thing to have to take the glare off them and let the green show through).

We walked through the town looking in the various shops as we went.  We were also considering lunch options and the General Store was one possibility we went in to.  While we didn’t end up eating in there, it was a very interesting building once inside.  The lower level was a shop and café but upstairs had a museum.  I didn’t check the museum out, but I was fascinated by the big interior space the building had.

There is a pavilion looking out over the sound that seems to be set up for events such as weddings.  Nothing was going on while we were there so we could check out the grounds.  On a sunny spring day, looking out over the water seemed like a great place to be.  I think we chose a good time to go since the weather was nice, but it wasn’t as busy as I suspect it will be as the summer approaches.  A nice day trip for sure.  (Also, the place we did get lunch had excellent food!)