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Half a Moon in the Morning

I was driving to work one morning recently and as I headed south down the road near home, the moon was quite low in the sky.  It was partway through the phases and the angle of the sunlight on its surface provided a lot of texture on the surface.  I was driving to work so was not immediately in a position to stop but the drive to work is short so, as soon as I got to the parking lot, I took out the camera.  The moon was low above the roof of the office, so I had to move a bit to get an angle on it.  The trees were also in the way, so I decided to incorporate them rather than remove them.  Then it was into the office.

Crescent Moon

wpid8837-C59F5048.jpgYou see the moon more when you commute.  Each morning and evening you make the trip to and from work and spend some time outside.  Therefore, while your window on the outside world is relatively restricted, you are forced outside at given times and therefore see what is around you.  Since the moon rises and falls at slightly different times each day, you will cross paths with it reasonably frequently.  When I worked from home, the chance of looking outside at the right time was less so I didn’t pay the moon as much attention.

I get to see it setting while the morning sun is coming up on the hills (I will have to try and shoot that at some point) as well as seeing the different phases.  One evening I was on my way home when I saw the thinnest sliver of moon.  I could actually see the rest of it although it was very dark.  Unfortunately, cameras are not able to handle such a range of light so a shot of the illuminated side means the rest is black.  I didn’t bother with trying HDR, not least because the moon moves pretty quickly and long exposures end up very blurred.  I made do with the simple shot.  It made me happy.