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Mission Hills Winery

During our visit to Kelowna, we stopped off at a winery in the city that produces wine we have had before and that we wanted to get some more from.  It is called Mission Hills and is on the hillside overlooking the lake.  It isn’t a long drive from the center of the city, and you approach it through a residential area.  After passing through the main gate, it all still looks rather anonymous.

However, walk from the parking lot and things open up considerably.  The architecture is styled to resemble an Italian villa.  There are some colonnaded areas, a large chapel type building, the main building in which the wine tastings and sales are handled and a carillon.  Being up on the hill, this all has a lovely view down to the water with some vines on the slopes below.

It was a rather overcast day so not ideal for photographing it, but I had the phone with me, so I was not going to let the visit go unrecorded.  There were a few other people wandering the grounds, but I managed – on the whole – to exclude them from the shots.  Getting the whole carillon in the shot from close up required a little contortion to get the phone on the ground and looking at the right angle.  I think it worked out okay.

The location is very nice, and the wine is even better.  If you are in Kelowna, I do recommend a visit.