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The Negus 747-400

We were in the Cotswolds for a wedding earlier this year and the morning of the wedding found my with little to do while everyone was getting ready.  I was only 30 minutes or so from the old RAF airfield of Kemble, now Cotswolds Airport.  Surely it would be churlish to not take a look since I was killing time?  Kemble has quite a lot of interest and will mean there are several posts to come.  The first will focus on one of the largest residents.

British Airways painted three of its 747s in retro liveries.  The jets had different interior configurations which meant they were used on specific routes.  I got to shoot the BOAC jet and the Landor jet when they came to Seattle but I never saw the Negus jet.  When BA retired the 747 fleet during the pandemic, the Negus jet apparently made its way to Kemble to become a venue rather than get reduced to parts and scrap metal.  However, I didn’t know this.

Consequently, I was rather surprised to find the jet sitting there as I drove up to the airport main buildings.  There are other 747s stored on the field at Kemble but this one is very accessible.  It was early in the day when I arrived so I could wander around unfettered but there were already crews showing up to bring in fixtures for an event that they were going to be hosting.  Renting out a 747 for an event sound like just the sort of thing I would do!  I was very pleasantly surprised to see the third of the retro jets and to see it in such good condition.  (Sure, they have a few nacelle panels that have been switched around but it still seems in good shape.)

Biddestone (Edge Of Raison)

The pun in this title will only mean something to you if you have seen the TV show Agatha Raison.  If not, this will just be a picturesque Coltswold village post.  After visiting Devizes, we drove on into the start of the Cotswolds.  This is truly lovely part of the UK and it looks like it was created by film set designers.  Needless to say, it is popular with TV and movies.  Agatha Raison is set in the area and is filmed in Lacock and Biddestone for a good portion of the show.

We had been to Lacock before but did drive through.  However, it was absolutely heaving with tourists and we decided to keep moving.  Biddestone was the exact opposite.  It was almost deserted.  This is the center of the village in which the TV show is filmed and the titular character’s house is alongside the green.  All of the villages in this area look very pretty and you can get quite blasé about it after a while.