Surfing in Paradise

If I were to ask you what sport you would associate with Hawaii, it might depend on your age as to what you choose.  If you are a bit older, it might be ocean going canoeing (is that how you spell it?) that you think of, perhaps accompanied by the theme to a 70s TV police show.  However, if you aren’t in that group, your choice is more likely to be surfing.

Did I go surfing while in Hawaii?  Ah, no.  Did lots of other people go surfing while we were there?  Oh yes.  Half the vehicles we passed seemed to have a board on the roof or so it seemed.  There were plenty of places to try your skills since most beaches seemed to have breaking surf in some areas.  The large numbers of reefs might, of course, make some of those areas a touch risky.

Anyway, I didn’t spend a lot of time tracking down the surfers.  Instead, we saw a bunch of people closer inshore not always on full surf boards.  Here are some shots of the action we saw.  One day I will have to make more of an effort to go out and shoot some surfing since it makes some great shots!

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