Stairs at Windy Ridge

Windy Ridge Viewpoint provides a great view of Mt St. Helens and Spirit Lake but you can get higher if you want.  There are some stairs cut into the hillside from the parking lot to take you up to an overlook and another trail.  I figured it was worth a look since I had come all of that way.  The stairs were a bit sketchy in part and, since there was no one for miles around, I decided to take it easy.  The climb was not too bad but I was aware that I was a bit higher than normal as I puffed my way up.  The descent was not much easier to be honest.

The way the steps cut across the hillside made for some good shapes.  The wood that made the sides of the steps also created some nice repeating shapes.  It didn’t always do a good job of keeping in the aggregate that was supposed to be the step surface though!

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