Smith Tower

For a long time, Smith Tower was the tallest building west of the Mississippi.  Now there are many buildings in Seattle alone that are taller than it is but it is still a building that stands out.  However, I had never visited it prior to some friends coming to town and suggesting we check it out.  The bottom of the building has a series of exhibits showing the history of the building and how it was used.  Then you take the elevator to the top of the tower and the lounge that is up there.

The lounge has some old wood paneling and it has a bar and food service so we took the option of getting some lunch while we were up there.  In addition, there is a balcony that wraps around the top of the tower so you can make a circumnavigation and check out the views in all directions.  The tower is at the opposite end of the town from the Space Needle so you get a very different perspective on the city.  Also, you are outside with just fencing between you and the outside so taking pictures is a lot easier with no screens or windows to navigate.

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