wpid5280-AU0E2378.jpgI was out shooting with my friend Hayman in the San Francisco Bay area.  Our primary goals were aviation (of course) but one of the nice things about the Bay is that some cool wildlife also lives there.  I am always keen to see the pelicans that live there.  They will often be seen cruising along the shoreline.  Occasionally you will see them fishing as well.  The plunge into the water with wings folded back is very impressive.

wpid5276-AU0E2176.jpgI suspect if you grew up with them around, you wouldn’t be so bothered and maybe view them as nothing more than a larger seagull.  However, I didn’t grow up with them so they always get me interested.  This day wasn’t the best to try and shoot them but I wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity whenever one (or more) flew by.  Hopefully I will be back in the Bay before too long and I might make an effort to focus on them for a change.


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