Mukilteo Lighthouse and Some Ferries

I had previously got a few shots of the lighthouse at Mukilteo while waiting to catch a ferry.  I hadn’t wandered around for long though.  While showing my mum around the area, we stopped off to have a look at Puget Sound.  It was a cloudy day but the sun was making the occasional appearance.  We wandered around the lighthouse buildings and went to watch the ferries come and go to Whidbey Island.

After a short while, the clouds briefly parted.  I headed back from the water’s edge to try and get a couple of photos of the lighthouse in sunlight.  The white structure is hardly interesting when it is very cloudy, even when playing with some options for exposure to give alternatives in post processing.  A bit of light makes all the difference.

The same could be said for the ferries.  Out on the water, they would pass through patches of sunlight when they would suddenly “pop”.  A short distance closer in and then they were back out of the light.  You had to take the chance when it presented itself!

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