More Zoo Stuff

Previously I showed the pictures of Kalina, the baby elephant.  Indy Zoo has plenty of other things to see.  It is not a large zoo but it is nicely laid out and has a good selection of things to see.  I find visits to zoos to be an interesting time.  The places are filled with parents dragging very young children around.  I wonder whether parents feel an immediate need to take their kids to the zoo.  They kids certainly don’t seem to care.  They are dragged around and told what to look at but they don’t seem in the least bit interested.  It seems that around 10 years old is the point when the kids seem genuinely interested in the animals.

Anyway, plenty of things to see at the zoo so here are some shots of the various animals on exhibit.  Some of the indoor ones were tricky given the limited lighting but they are included anyway.

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