MiG 21

wpid6483-AU0E2744.jpgWarbirds are not an uncommon sight around here but there are some planes that still stand out as a little unusual.  I got to see one of these recently up in Rockford when the good folks at Code 1 held a weekend of training for formation flying.  A bunch of aircraft showed up including a lot of T-6/SNJs, a Yak, a bunch of L-39s and, most interestingly, a MiG-21.  This wasn’t there for the formation training but was being used for an FAA check ride for a guy who has a MiG-21 that he keeps elsewhere in the state.

wpid6489-C59F5749.jpgA MiG-21 is a great looking jet.  This example is an ex-Polish Air Force two seat example.  This generation of aircraft has some interesting performance characteristics.  Fuel consumption is pretty dramatic so the sorties are not too long.  Also, the approach speeds are quite high so watching it on the approach, it does appear to be coming down pretty dramatically.

wpid6493-AU0E3078.jpgWe were lucky to have some great weather and the plane flew a couple of times so it was possible to shoot it taking off and arriving from both sides of the field as well as getting some shots on the ground.  The plane is solidly built and the structure is finished in polished metal.  This makes for some great looks with the metal and rivets looking great in some lighting.  Having the chance to look at such a different jet was great fun and many thanks to everyone who made it possible.

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